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1. The company is not responsible for the misuse of the service by the buyer.
2. The company does not assume any obligation stated in this agreement or any obligation recognized in custom that this commitment was beyond the capacity of the site or interfere directly or indirectly with the interests of the company.
3. The site strongly warns of transferring funds from unknown sources and have the full right to cancel the order in case of suspicious funds.
4. The buyer undertakes that the information submitted is correct and accurate and sufficient to carry out the purchase requisition.
5. The buyer undertakes legal capacity and sharee'ah for contracting and purchase from the seller.
6. The buyer undertakes to credit card used for the purchase is registered in his name.
7. The buyer undertakes that the seller is entitled to review the price and adjust it according to seller requirements.
8. The buyer must notify the seller immediately through the website in case the buyer wants to cancel the order and the seller reserves the right to reject the cancellation in case of product leaving the carrier plant or on the way to the delivery point.
9. The order will be prepared within 48 hours. 
10. The order can be canceled if the product is still not delivered yet. Then the refund will take about a week to be issued in case the calcelation is accepted. 
11. The delivery period depends on the third party delivery company. The local delivery in Saudi Arabia usually delivered within 3 days and international is delivered within one week.